Research Focus
Running Trials
Liver diseases
Bile duct and
gallbladder diseases
Pancreatic diseases
Tumor immunology and
molecular oncology

Research Focus

  • Ischemia / reperfusion in the liver
  • Liver regeneration
  • Mouse liver transplantation
  • Liver perfusion system (Mouse/PIG Model)
  • Pancreatitis research laboratory
  • Islet cell laboratory
  • Tumor immunology and molecular oncology

The laboratory of the Swiss HPB Center is active in different fields of research. Traditionally our interest has been in ischemia/reperfusion injury and in liver regeneration. We have also perfected an experimental model of whole and partial mouse liver transplantation, allowing investigations into mechanisms of injury in liver grafts as well as immune mechanisms of rejection. Another active field of research is the induction of cell death in tumor cells by novel lipid messengers.

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