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Technisches equipment
Operation Rooms
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Technical Equipment

Operation rooms

The operating rooms of the Swiss HPB-Center are equipped with the most up-to-date equipment. The 2 central operating rooms are multi-functional and IT is fully integrated. Connections to the hospital server and the internet enable a continuous flow of patient data into the operating room. Also pictures can be transferred directly from the Department of Radiology.

Video camera equipment permits the transmission of high resolution sequences during the operation, e.g. for documentation or for teaching purposes.

Summary of our modern surgical equipment:

  • New, comfortable and secure operation tables
  • Continuous monitoring and documentation of your anaesthesia
  • Retractors especially designed for HPB-Surgery
  • Headlights
  • Loupe glasses
  • Bipolar Forceps and Argon Beamer
  • Ultrasound for intraoperative sonography
  • Complete equipment for cryo - and radiofrequency tumour ablation
  • Modern IT solutions with data and picture transmission into the operation room
  • Modern data and picture storage solution
  • Robotics

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